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Audio Visual Systems

Integrated Systems

We describe integrated systems as more complex than conventional meeting or collaboration spaces.

We have designed and installed integrated systems such as St Georges University Hospital, where all the lecture theatres across the whole hospital are able to link together with a simple touch of a button. This gives St Georges the ability to show the same presentation throughout. This highly technical infrastructure is combined with a user friendly operator interface to allow complex tasks to be handled effortlessly and require the minimum of training. Naturally some of these systems incorporate components where training is required, and this is where our dedicated training staff come into their own. They bring the skills to ensure all staff get the best training possible in the time allocated, meaning your staff are more comfortable using the new technology, with less time away from their core responsibilities.

Boardrooms or Meeting Rooms

Boardrooms and meeting rooms are utilised to their maximum potential when the technology is intuitive for anyone to use. This way the content of the meeting becomes the focus, rather than the delivery method.

We pride ourselves in providing such environments. With centralised control and automation systems, we fully programme and test solutions here in our office before being installed on site. We provide the highest quality displays, projectors, video conferencing equipment, audio solutions and control systems to best deliver these results for any meeting or collaboration area.

Video Walls

Redline Presentation Solutions design and install a range of video walls that are developed to suit the viewing conditions, operational parameters and budget constraints of our clients. We have successfully designed and installed video walls ranging from 3 square metres to 75 square metres, with a great variety in between.

We provide quality equipment including all types of screens; and a large variety of distributed and centralised video wall processors to ensure the content you need is displayed at the size, resolution and location you require.

Lecture Theatres

From small informal theatres to 1,000 seat capacity, lecture theatres are required to be highly functional and rely upon a front line varying media solution to ensure a flexible, comfortable experience.

Schools, universities and businesses alike are using more advanced audio visual systems to improve how they communicate, educate and present.

At Redline Presentation Solutions, we will consult with you and evaluate the best options available then make unbiased recommendations based on our industry knowledge and expertise to suit your requirements.

Digital Signage

Digital signage is a more flexible technique for conveying your messages, often providing great cost savings and adaptability over conventional printed signage.

Used for both promotion and information distribution, digital signage is a key outlet for businesses wanting to spread their message.

With leading brands such as Onelan, Redline ensure the best technology and therefore functionality from your digital signage.

Our services include;